Head Referee

At each high school tournament a referees will be assigned as the “head referee.”  Once you have determined that you are the head referee, your responsibilities are as follows:

  • Contact OWPRA’s supervisor and confirm that you are able and willing to serve as the tournament’s head referee.
  • Contact the tournament director (often the head coach) and inform them that you will be the tournament’s head referee and will need a game schedule as soon as it’s available.
  • Contact the referees assigned to the tournament to find out their availability. Notify OWPRA’s supervisor immediately if a referee is unable to attend a tournament.
  • Coordinate any hotel accommodations. See the compensation page for criteria to qualify for overnight accommodations. If any referees qualify and choose to stay in a hotel,  contact the host to make the reservations.
  • Once you receive a copy of the game schedule, make the referees’ game schedule. Send the information to the referees and copy the supervisor of officials on this email.
  • At the conclusion of the tournament, determine what each referee should be paid for the tournament — including “travel” if appropriate. Information on game fees and travel compensation can be found on the compensation page. Forward this information to the tournament host.
  • Absent extraordinary circumstances, you should be present for all games played during a tournament. As the head referee, you should be available at all times to coordinate any protests and clarify any interpretations of the rules.
  • A protest can be filed any time during a game by a team’s coach. A protest that is filed during a game should be resolved immediately. A coach may also file a protest any time within 5 minutes of the conclusion of a game.  Protests are resolved by a “tournament games committee” if one has been appointed.  In the absence of such a committee, the protest is resolved by the referees.  As the head referee for the tournament, you should be available to participate in and/or arbitrate (if necessary) the decisions regarding any protest(s).
  • Report immediately by phone to the supervisor of officials any serious incidents that occur during a game. These would include a red card administered to a player or coach, misconducts,  serious injuries and protests. If in doubt about reporting an incident, err on the conservative side and notify the supervisor of officials.