Referee Resources

Useful information and resources for referees

Referee Assignments – Assignments for the Fall 2018 HS season TBD
NFHS Rule Modifications – One page “cheat sheet” on differences between the NFHS rules and the Ohio High School Water Polo Rules & Policies in 2017.
Ohio High School Rules & Policies – Rules and policies governing Ohio High School Water Polo for 2017.
Incident Report – to be filled out by referees after calling a game misconduct, giving a red card, or any other incident that the supervisor of officials needs information on
Tip Sheets – recommended reading for all referees, particularly useful for the new official
Maps to Pools – maps to local high schools with pictures of pool locations
Head Referee – Instructions for serving as the head referee for an event
Working the Desk – Blank scoresheet, example scoresheets and instructions for working the clocks, flags and writing in the progress of the game.
Compensation – Fee schedule for the 2018 Fall High School Water Polo Season
Training Reimbursement Request – Request reimbursement for professional development
Shoot-Out Procedure – Procedure for conducting a shoot-out