How To Join

In Ohio, the boys and girls high school water polo seasons run concurrently during the autumn from the middle of August to late October.  The Ohio Water Polo Referees’ Association (OWPRA) assigns referees for all Ohio high school water polo games, as well as some youth and adult/masters water polo games throughout the year.

Complete the following to become a “member in good standing” with the OWPRA:

  • Membership Application
    • Complete your membership application annually. Your membership follows a calendar year (ends on December 31st regardless of the date joined).  The OWPRA recommends submitting your application early in the calendar year to maximize your benefits.
  • Pay Annual Dues
    • Your yearly dues follow a calendar year, just as your annual membership does. There are a number of benefits to membership that annual dues cover such as liability insurance, referee development and training, high school certification and assignments to masters tournaments (for qualified referees). Unfortunately, we can not refund a members annual dues and they are are non-prorated.
  • Rules Test
    • Part of being certified to officiate in high school level competition is to complete the Annual High School Rules Test. This is done after you have filled out your application and paid your annual dues. The test is based on the NFHS water polo rules and their application.  You will receive written instructions on how to access and complete the test once you have submitted your application and paid your annual dues.
  • The OWPRA will communicate open assignments throughout the year. Prior to the begining of the Fall High School Season, OWPRA’s Supervisor will contact everyone by email who has expressed a prior interest in refereeing.
  • OWPRA has prepared four “Tip-Sheets.”  The “Tip Sheets” cover the following topics:
    1. Professionalism
    2. Instructions to new referees
    3. Referee attire & equipment
    4. Pregame checklist
  • You may choose to read OWPRA’s Constitution & Bylaws and Policies & Procedures by clicking here. These documents explain the governance of OWPRA as well as your rights and responsibilities as a member of OWPRA.

Questions regarding any of these steps should be addressed to OWPRA’s Supervisor